Posted at 6:00am -- 12/9/2007 Michigan Football: Coach's Corner -- So ..."/> Posted at 6:00am -- 12/9/2007 Michigan Football: Coach's Corner -- So ..."/>

Michigan Football: Coach’s Corner — So is NO News, Good News For Michigan Football?


Posted at 6:00am — 12/9/2007

Michigan Football: Coach’s Corner — So is NO News, Good News For Michigan Football?

We will see won’t we a lot of speculation regarding the talk of Les Miles resurfacing once again that the longer the talks go on the better.

The scary part is what happens if Les Miles and Michigan cannot work something out. I mean really we are looking at Brady Hoke who has been a head coach for five years now at Ball State with a record of 22-36 with his best year being 7-5 in 2007. He might be a good coach that could possible look to move up at the next level of teams, but not really ready for a program like Michigan at least not now, but maybe the next time Michigan hires a head coach.

Ron English another possible candidate which if he was not already at Michigan he would not be a guy ready for the job either. He has been the defensive coordinator for two years now and really has not been that impressive against the good teams with his defense. Again he could be a guy to move on to another program and start his head coaching career, but he is not really ready for a place likes Michigan.

Cam Cameron who signed a four year contract in early 2007 who came from the San Diego Chargers as being their offensive coordinator. He has always bee a very good OC, but seems to struggle really at being in charge of a program. People say well it was Indiana well true, but he actually made the program worse than it was when he was there and does Michigan really want to turn the keys over to the program with a guy that might just make history in the NFL by not winning a game in his first season as head coach of the Miami Dolphins. Let’s just say this he went to school at Indiana and if that job was open right now I highly doubt they would look at him to return so why would Michigan.

Mike Trgovac DC at Carolina Panthers is a very good defensive coordinator that I would really like to see him come back as the Michigan DC, but not as the head coach. He might be looking for a job since Fox might be getting fired at the end of the year for the Panthers. Trgovac would be able to get another DC job in the NFL if he wants, but maybe with the right head coach Michigan might be able to get him back, but they would have to pay him well to come back to Michigan.

If Michigan cannot get a deal done with Les Miles I really think they need to look outside the program at guys like Chris Petersen head coach at Boise State, Brian Kelly head coach at Cincinnati, Jeff Tedford head coach at Cal, Rob Chudzinski offensive coordinator at the Cleveland Browns, Mike Singletary asst. head coach at the San Francisco 49ers, Jason Garrett offensive coordinator at the Dallas Cowboys which he is being groomed for the head coach job some day at the Cowboys, Josh McDaniels the offensive coordinator from the New England Patriots.

This is the first hire at Michigan for their football team in 40 years will they get it right?

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