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Michigan Football: Coach’s Corner — What would be nice to see from a Wolverine Offense


Posted at 6:00am — 11/26/2007

Michigan Football: Coach’s Corner — What would be nice to see from a Wolverine Offense

Would be ecstatic if Michigan incorporated a power running game into their offense. Would also like to see Michigan use more gaps in the running game. Outside zone or stretch attacks inside leg or hip of the TE. Yes the RB has the option of cutting back or through any gap front side, but that is different from attacking inside gaps. This makes Mlbers stay home and not flow hard to the ball.

Remember how MSU and Wisconsin attacking inside gaps made Ezeh unable to help on cutbacks and other running plays. To play this style Michigan’s linemen need to get bigger and stronger, but stay athletic enough to have the quickness and explosive ability to get off the ball.

This is imperative to moving the line of scrimmage, which is necessary to succeed in this style of ball. Linemen pulling and moving also can be helpful. Pulling allows you to out man opponents at point of attack and cause mismatches. To pull you need the same explosive quickness to be able to beat RB’s to the hole and square up on Lbers. It also makes game fun for linemen. So to play this type of game S&C becomes very important. Pulling and moving line of scrimmage this way can takes the starch out of a defense, but can also wear down your linemen if they are not properly conditioned. Pitch sweep is good play to use in some situations. Problem is with defenses emphasizing speed, it is tough to beat them with sweeps on the perimeter, but it is great red zone play, because most defenses play man, and sweep is tough to stop in man.

If Michigan would incorporate more TE and RB passing schemes in their offense they would tough to defend. But for that to happen the Offensive line needs to protect better. When the front five has problems with protection it becomes necessary to max protect. This makes it difficult to use them if you cannot protect without them. Too bad, TE’s who can hurt defenses between the hashes make it harder for them to do other things. It makes it difficult to double on the outside, play cover 2, and makes OLbers stay home just long enough to open all the underneath routes.

RB’s in passing game can be nightmare for a defenses. Wheel routes like those used by USC with Reggie Bush are extremely difficult to defend. They match up superior athlete on LBer, always tough match up for a defense and circle routes are great to use on those 3rd and 4 situations when you desperately need to move the chains. They also make ILBers and MLbers stay home which opens slants and hitches, etc.

Two things need to happen for Michigan to attack between the hashes with the WR’s. First is linemen need to get the hands of the D-linemen down. How many passes has UM had knocked down in recent years? 2nd is WR’s have to be able to get off line of scrimmage and avoid being rerouted by underneath coverage. Michigan runs one of the better post in college football, but stopped this year because of problems above.

Play calling always follows execution. Was really disappointed Michigan quit running flash screen this is one best way to slow down speedy edge rusher. WR screens, either slip or jail break, are some of the toughest plays to defend. They can take the place of sweeps and other perimeter runs in an offense. They actually stretch a defense more and more effectively than a sweep can.

Problem Michigan has right now is personnel. None of Michigan’s current WR’s excel at this type of passing game. For Michigan to develop a more diverse offense it is imperative they start recruiting players with skill set to play this type of game.

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