Posted at 6:00am -- 11/9/2007 Michigan Football: Coach's Corner -- Mic..."/> Posted at 6:00am -- 11/9/2007 Michigan Football: Coach's Corner -- Mic..."/>

Michigan Football: Coach’s Corner — Michigan at Wisconsin — Preview/Predictions


Posted at 6:00am — 11/9/2007

Michigan Football: Coach’s Corner — Michigan at Wisconsin — Preview/Predictions

This will be Michigan toughest game to date with being injured and also going to a hostile environment. Will Mike Hart play at all or will the coaches give him the rest to heal a bit for the big battle with Ohio State. How healthy is Chad Henne and can Michigan protect him any better than they did against Michigan State because he was hit way to many times. If this game was at Michigan Stadium I would say the score would be about 14 points, but playing at Camp Randall it will be a lot closer game.

Also Wisconsin will (possible) have their two best running back with one being injured during the Ohio State game and the other not allowed to travel. Do not let the score of the Ohio State game fool you and think that the Badgers aren’t that good because they had Ohio State until late in the game. I think the Badgers just made some bad calls and gave Ohio State great field position.

Match- ups:

Key or biggest match up maybe who has best trainer and staff, Because team that gets the most injured or banged up players back will have decisive advantage. Both teams had injury problems going into last Saturdays game and both played tough physical opponents who compounded the problem. When Michigan has the ball this may sound like broken record but watch the line of scrimmage.

All football games are won within five yards of line of scrimmage. If Michigan can run the football and protect Chad Henne their chances of winning go way up. Two key match ups at line of scrimmage are Steve Schilling on Matt Shaughnessy and Michigan interior linemen vs. Nick Hayden. Wisconsin just might have the best Defensive line Michigan has faced this year and definitely one of the top two pass rushes. Next key match up is Arrington or Mathews on Badgers #2 corner. Jack Ikogwuone might be best cornerback Michigan faces until Ohio State. The Kid is great combination of size, speed, and instincts, but if Langford cannot go that puts true freshmen in pressure cooker and a good match up for Michigan. Another good match up for Michigan is Butler on Wisconsin safeties. Badger safeties are biggest question mark for Wisconsin defense. Butler’s size, speed, and hands could challenge those safeties.

What to watch:

Against Ohio State the Badgers used cover two or two deep safeties much of the time. Ohio State had the success throwing ball in area between Linebacker’s and safeties. If Badgers continue in “2” Mario and Adrian both excel in those areas and could provide some success for Michigan’s offense, but key (IMO) is can Michigan consistently run the football. Wisconsin Linebackers are speedy and covered well against Ohio State, but Wells was able to abuse them in second half running the ball the question is can Michigan do the same.

One thing I will watch for is how many times Henne gets hit. If Wisconsin can keep heat on him and beat him up Michigan will need to max protect more. This will help take the pressure off the badgers safeties. When Wisconsin has the ball there are three things I believe UM needs to improve on to win this week. 1st is protection, 2nd is staying home and tackling on defense, and 3rd is special teams, particularly punting and Kick off return. Other things that need to happen is stopping the run and controlling Beckum. Michigan also needs to be more consistent running the football, especially with Hart not in game.


CoachBt: This is tough one. I am guessing that both teams are going to be coy about whom can play and who cannot or does not, but I still like Michigan 28-17.

ErocWolverine: Playing there is a tough game, but I am glad it is a noon game and not a night game in Camp Randall. I believe in the last 24 games there they are 23-1. I believe their last lost there might have come from Michigan (seen a stat the other night on TV, but did not right it down). Picking Michigan 32-21 if Mike Hart and Chad Henne play the whole game. If they don’t Michigan 24-21.

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