Posted at 6:00am -- 11/7/2007 Michigan Football Tidbits: Rumors we are hearing Some thing..."/> Posted at 6:00am -- 11/7/2007 Michigan Football Tidbits: Rumors we are hearing Some thing..."/>

Michigan Football Tidbits: Rumors we are hearing


Posted at 6:00am — 11/7/2007

Michigan Football Tidbits: Rumors we are hearing

Some things have been brought up elsewhere and we believe somethings haven’t quite yet, but here is what I have been hearing.

A hot topic around the boards have been the Offensive line and who has been playing and who hasn’t been. There are some beliefs that even though Michigan runs the zone scheme that some of the Offensive Linemen on the team aren’t really suited for that scheme along with training sessions. Huyge interested to see just how hard he works in off-season. At times it is hard to understand our recruiting process because he just doesn’t seem like a zone blocking type of player. Michigan struggles at times because players like Mitchell and Cuilla just struggled with the athleticism needed to execute scheme. Even though both are better power blockers both are somewhat out of shape and need serious improvement in leg strength. Will they stick with zone blocking when Hart leaves?

Rumors of a possible change in the S&C program at the top is still that rumors especially about a potential retirement, but it is not a done deal. If he stays changes are still going to be made and speed and quickness drills will be emphasized. Will they allow major strength exercises for legs is still up in the air, but several players would really benefit like Mouton and some of the OL will benefit from new program.

There continues to be questions as to why Ortmann or Mcavoy is not playing and although some believe Schilling is better suited for RG its simply too late in the season to make changes.

Mooseman and Zirbel are the main two players who seem to have lost all interest in competing for playing time at Michigan. Both have been upset because they feel they have not been given an honest chance and shot at playing time. McAvoy simply beat out Mooseman and Zirbel has struggled finding a position. Zirbel actually has some talent and if he applied himself could make significant progress in off-season, but right now he does not seem to be that interested to battle for a spot.

Mallet really needs work on keeping the ball high throughout the play. His lowering of his hands are causing most of his problems. He still worries about his footwork so much that his release of the football has slowed dramatically a lot of work ahead in the off-season.

Some people are really getting irritated with Butler and look for maybe Criswell to get some snaps this week. Webb really has shown some promise, but watching tape of his snaps he is at least showing he wants to play, but basically is just running around and not being productive (we wasted his red-shirt).

Seems like coaches are excited about the LB prospects. Evans and Herron has shown the willingness to come and practice hard every day and they really think they may have found a true ILB prospect in Fitzgerald. Mouton while injured simply gained too much weight and he really needs a huge off-season, but coaches fully expect him to be a full time player (starter) next yr.

Despite some good showing by Minor and Brown the coaches still believe Grady if healthy will be our top back next year with his quickness in his feet being the main reason and he will come to camp very motivated.

Ron English will be getting an interview (if HC opens up) and because of his ability to turn this defense around. He may become a hot commodity in college ranks if this team finishes well and the defense finishes strong. He may not be a head coach although he will get interviews.

Seems like Miles is sending all the right signals, but he will have to go through the process like everyone else and for him to get the job he will have to jump through some hoops and make some deals.

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