Posted at 6:00am -- 11/1/2007 GBMWolverine: Site, Chat and Message Board Ru..."/> Posted at 6:00am -- 11/1/2007 GBMWolverine: Site, Chat and Message Board Ru..."/>

GBMWolverine: Site, Chat and Message Board Rules — Please Read


Posted at 6:00am — 11/1/2007

GBMWolverine: Site, Chat and Message Board Rules — Please Read

Everything below is cited as a collective vehicle to a functional and meaningful web experience. The central core is respect.

Please keep this message board University of Michigan related.

Before we begin, in order to better serve you on GBMWolverine, we ask that users do not pass on shared message board information to sites that are not part of GBMWolverine.

The Michigan Man Podcast on GBMWolverine:

We have recently added a Podcast to our site, so please take the time to listen to the great Podcast that Mike produces for GBMWolverine. He is a great addition to the GBMWolverine family.

Monday Night Chat (8:00pm):

Also, on Monday nights we have a regular chat at 8:00pm Eastern time. We would like to invite every member of GBMWolverine to come experience our chat.

One rule for the chats is typical and necessary for sites such as this sharing information: what is said in chat, stays in chat. We would ask you to keep this information off the GBMWolverine board, or any other site. We will most likely be able to share more information to our posters if we can secure a trust from all of our posters in chat.

With the above done, but still necessary policies and statements.

Mission Statement:

The overriding mission is to create a fun and comfortable environment of the highest quality for Michigan fans to discuss topics regarding University of Michigan athletics. We mostly cover Michigan football, but will dive into basketball, hockey, recruiting and any other sport at the University of Michigan. Keep in mind GBMWolverine is a small community composing articles for this blog page as a hobby, and we all strive to willingly share information with other readers that enjoy the same passion we do — Michigan.


All rules should be treated with equal importance:

Please take the small amount of time needed to read over each and every rule, and take them seriously. All rules mentioned in this message will be enforced.

We want everybody to enjoy their visits at GBMWolverine, and we seek a Holy Grail of message board and blog sites: to put into place a web environment where people respect each other while posting as part of the GBMWolverine community, making the site a ”better place.” We have every right to edit, delete, or make changes as GBMWolverine sees fit to any post/thread that is on our board. Yes, it is a fine line between “institutional control” and attempting to avoid a chaotic mess where inmates run the asylum.


A. Think before you post:

Some of the most problematic posts on sites are made without taking a “time out” to think about it first, that is raw, pure emotion instantly rules. If you are upset or frustrated about a game, a recruit, or something else, posting in this state of mind will not yield the best results.

B. Treat posting as a conversation:

Chances are, if what one is posting is not something that would be stated when having a conversation in person, then a reader is better off not posting at that particular moment. If a reader is posting simply because things can be stated as an anonymous person behind a keyboard, it is likely to be a post that stands a chance of being upsetting.

C. Treat fellow members as you would like to be treated:

The “Golden Rule” might (or might not) be overused or overstated, but this cliche is still valid. If everyone is respectful of all reasonable opinions, regardless of individual agreement, the forum will be a much more welcoming, “civilized” place to visit. If there is a problem with a poster’s comments that is truly (warranted) upsetting and a reader believes a comment should not be allowed, please e-mail GBMWolverine and explain why you believe this post/thread should be deleted, locked or edited.

D. Please do not put names/initials in the subject line:

Doing so allows onlookers from other sites to obtain information from GBMWolverine message board. We want to keep this as a private message board as much as possible.

E. No finger pointing, direct insulting, or personal attacks:

Avoid calling out an individual poster, or posters, with insults or name-calling. Points and counter-points can be friendly and respectful. Do not make any comments that are derogatory in nature about another poster or GBMWolverine. We do not anticipate and cannot accept lengthy squabbles or disagreements from members. This board seeks to be different, to be better. This is fun stuff and never should be made personal.

F. Opposition is fine; stereotyping can be bad:

One product of a good message board is expanded opinion — well at least here at GBMWolverine.

G. Supporting your position with facts and plausible thought is useful:

This is one reason we wanted to start a message board to get more people involved talking Michigan. We can handle everyone not totally agreeing on everything and actually prefer different opinions because if everybody was saying the same thing it would make this board not as interesting. Also we value every posters opinion no matter if they have 1 post or 10,000 posts.

H. If you don’t like it, don’t read it, this may be better for all:

While forums have rules, a simple form of moderation is self-moderation, filter what you read and any response. We do this as a hobby and might not be around 24/7. We believe we have some of the best posters around.

I. Everyone loves quality, but do not sell yourself or others short:

Consider that while you might not think a certain comment or question is insightful, or of value, someone else might.

J. If you are responding to another poster, please state their name:

This practice provides clarity and avoids confusion.


A. Absolutely no profanity, vulgarity, or obscenity is allowed on the forums:

For intelligent adults this is self-evident as to what constitutes offensive material and why it cannot be allowed.

B. No obscene or pornographic material is permitted in a post or signature:

Additionally, no links to pornographic or hardcore websites are allowed in a post or signature. Posts of graphic sexual content are also not permitted. In our current society such disclaimers are a must.


A. Pictures in a signature of reasonable size are permitted (not large enough to interfere with the forum.

The GBMWolverine staff will have the final say on whether your picture is acceptable or not. Do not get upset if you are asked to remove it or change it. This is a Michigan board so keep the pictures relative to what we are talking about.


A. Do not post message board information from this site on other sites:

We consider the information as ours as well as anything that is transferred from the GBMWolverine site to the message board.

B. Do not post premium information from other sites on the site or message board:

We respect other sites and want most or all of the discussion to be generated from content within the GBMWolverine site. This board is for dispersing GBMWolverine information and not for promoting or denouncing other sites and their work.

C. Please do not “copy and paste” an entire article:

On the GBMWolverine message board site (free or paid subscription). All articles should be linked, and readers may use one quote, provided it’s sourced properly.


A. Flaming:

Posting with the intention of causing trouble will not be tolerated and given a very short leash, including baiting others, intentionally upsetting others, name-calling, etc. Frankly, with the posters GBMWolverine has on board, we anticipate minimal problems, simply practice respect.

B. Please do not denigrate other teams, any coach or player:

Do not tear down the opposition in order to build Michigan up. Dignity and sportsmanship still matter at GBMWolverine. Excessive verbal abuse of coaches or players will not be tolerated. We prefer to keep personal problems and lives of players and coaches in line with common decency and respect for privacy. There is such a thing as common knowledge (reported as legitimate and truth), but this is different from rumor. The two should be differentiated between. The performance of players is a frequent topic of discussion. It is one thing to say that so and so gets to the flat a little late, but another to say that a player cost Michigan the game and should never play again. Players need reasonable support, at the very least.

C. Discussion of coaches should be directly related to the state of the program:

Please be compassionate about the pressure coaches are under and the decisions coaches make. Disagreeing with a decision and being a Monday armchair quarterback are common practices. Lobbying for dismissal or public ridicule of professional staff is not part of the message board mission.


A. Legitimate questions about GBMWolverine or general knowledge concerns are reasonable and are seriously considered:

And will be responded to accordingly, in which case we ask readers to e-mail GBMWolverine and not “stir up” the membership. Private inquiry works best.


A. SPAM or soliciting for another website or service:

Especially for personal gain, is not permitted.


The next item is almost embarrassing to us as a staff, but is clearly mandated by need.

We have adapted the Coach Hoke 5-strike policy for posters. No, we will certainly not make you push a weight by bear crawling down and back several times to get back in good graces.

It is up to the administrators to determine how far a poster is allowed to go. The poster may or may not be formally informed if they have received a strike as determined by administrators, but we would like for all posters to help each other, and therefore the site, in a calm, fair, and reasonable self-policing mode that seems to have worked very well at GBMWolverine.


Some have claimed our administrators and the site management to be more than fair and tolerant in providing extra leeway not granted to other similar board environments. We clearly have a very good message board, one which is almost universally across the board made better by very respectful, knowledgeable, and mature good posters who have strongly contributed to make this site what it has become. Simply we do not want enhanced tolerance of a very, very few who push the envelope and take into account the need for others to be comfortable on this site to result in frustration, bearing the brunt of unneeded verbiage, or even leaving the site.

We, as a result, have taken the step of adding a banning procedure with the 5-strike policy. We believe we are a fair board and want people to voice their opinion, but, again, there are obvious and reasonable expectations for being constructive and not destructive.

Before going on, understand that 99 percent of readers hit home runs and the mere hint at a strike is for the self-selected few. In short, all of us need to understand the procedure, but few (WE HOPE NO ONE) will ever in any way be affected.

We can ban people through IP Address, so keep that in mind, just changing the name is not what we wish to happen.

And so, with some regret, and after spending considerable thought and time:

First Ban = One Week Ban.
Second Ban = One Month Ban.
Third Ban = Six Month Ban.
Fourth Ban = One Year Ban.


We expect, with the conditions put in place, few if any problems. Anyone whose actions result in a temporary, or permanent ban should not attempt to circumvent the suspension by posting under a different identity, from a different computer, or by any other means. Violators may be subject to permanent bans by IP Address.

Please let us never get to this point where anyone is banned, that is not the intent of the GBMWolverine Message Board. It will be up to the site administrator as to any action taken, and hopefully the five-strike policy will not have to be enforced.


A. Follow the rules and everything will be fine.

B. None of the above conditions are meant to be ominous, but many of you have visited sites that frequently must go into meltdown/lock-down mode. The purpose here is to proactively set up a preventative environment and not an environment that flames controversy or anger. Michigan athletics are to be enjoyed and followed with pride.

Thanks for visiting GBMWolverine site, GBMWolverine Message Board, and GBMWolverine Chat hopes to see you again here for your daily Michigan reading.

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Written by GBMWolverine Staff

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