Posted at 12:00pm -- 11/1/2007 Michigan Football Recruiting: Elliott Mealer..."/> Posted at 12:00pm -- 11/1/2007 Michigan Football Recruiting: Elliott Mealer..."/>

Michigan Football Recruiting: Elliott Mealer (OL) — 2008 Wolverine Verbal Commit — Profile


Posted at 12:00pm — 11/1/2007

Michigan Football Recruiting: Elliott Mealer (OL) — 2008 Wolverine Verbal Commit — Profile

Elliott from Wauseon is from a smaller Division four school (six Divisions in Ohio) that went 7-3 and just missed the playoffs by placing tenth in their region (they only take the top eight in each region).

It might be a smaller school, but there is good competition along with some good teams. Watching Elliott play it is really hard to see how he will do at the next level because he is so much bigger than the competition. Elliott is a guy that just keep on growing and keeps getting bigger as well (not fat bigger). He has grown so much since last year and he could keep getting taller as well which is not uncommon in his family. He could also be a guy that could easily add 15-20 lbs. easily and not really make a difference for his quickness. The kid must like pancakes because whenever you watch Wauseon play he is always getting them and he is nasty as an offensive player.

He played AAU basketball with another Michigan commits and good friend Kevin Koger from Toledo Whitmer so you know he has the good feet and very athletic. I believe his quickness and agility from playing basketball will really benefit Elliott once he gets to Michigan. I hate to throw out comparisons to other kids, but a many people want to know who a certain kid could end up being like and everybody always looks for somebody good/great to compare them too. Well I believe Elliott Mealer reminds me of a young Jake Long who both are close in height and weight along with both being very athletic and bigger than their competition. I am NOT saying Elliott will be a good/great of a player as “Big” Jake, but just trying to compare the two players at the same stage in high school.

The big question is where will he play? Well right now to me and several other people he is the “new” type of offensive lineman for Michigan where he can play four spots on the line. I really think he could be a very good LT with his footwork and depends on whom else might be ahead of him he could easily play OG as well. This is where the zone blocking scheme is very versatile and you can move players around because it is the same blocking techniques in general. For Michigan this is a great pick-up because he can play many spots on the line along with getting the best players out there instead of just putting the next LT or RG in there. This day in age you need to get your best players on the field who can help you win.

A good friend of mine has said some really good things about Elliott Mealer. “Thing everyone I talk to keeps saying is the kids quickness and agility that impresses them more than his pure size. Two coaches from his league told me they roll defense too Mealer even if he is in boundary. That is ultimate compliment. Two OSU sources both told me if they would have known Mealer was going to grow the additional two inches so far they would have offered. It is smaller school competition but they are very good teams. OSU’s Homan came out of the Div. four team”.

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