An Apology for an UnUniformed Opinion-- 8/10/2014

An Apology for an UnUniformed Opinion — 8/10/2014

Well there comes a time, or should come a time in every adults life where you have a say a five letter word worse than any four-lettered word starting with “F” ever was.  That word is SORRY, my bad, Mea Culpa, many pardons, etc., and so on. That is how I feel this morning, having been exposed to a lot of articles, videos, and player reactions to the Michigan and Penn State Under The Lights (UTL) alternate uniforms – and a lot of high-octane coffee.  It started when a blogger from another site posted that M-Den (Shame on you M-Den for releasing the info before the University – I did not say I was going down alone!!) had released images for a jersey sale of the ones to be worn at this year’s UTL. My immediate reaction to the image  provided at M-Den was not very kind, but the image had me in an Oedipus (less the killing dad marrying mom stuff) moment where I wanted to gouge my eyes out and scream but instead made this.
pugsleyI was not mentally prepared for another stripe-fest jersey, and it plucked my nerve much like Dennis does Mr. Wilson (another company who products sucks as bad as A*didas), and if you notice Dennis wears stripes too! dennis-the-menaceBut enough self-excuse crap I was wrong, and thanks to poster Blackie6 I saw the light and it hit me like a beam of light from above – though I did kinda feel like asking him where he had been when I was losing my mind (O’ Brother Where Were Thou???).
DelmarYou see Mr. B6  posted a link of the video (below) that the University had made with Devin in the Big House UTL to tell us it was coming. Which was far better on a player live, and did more justice than a static M-Den picture. ).

You see the uniform actually looks pretty good! Actually most of the alternates worn during the games have looked pretty good for the most part except for the experiment I call “A Patchwork Maize” was still pretty ugly with the weird shaped (old) quilted “M”.

PatchworkThat said I have realized that my likes (and get this your likes also) do not, and should not matter.  I know you the people who were like me are going to say “I am a paying customer, alumni, fan, donor, etc., etc., etc.” But, you are not this team, or on this team, or in this locker room – just as I am not, and therefore it IS NOT ABOUT US!  The athletic director said awhile back, “The coaches like it and the student-athletes like it and the recruits are enamored by it. ”  For the AD haters out there (which I am not) he is not the only one out there saying this.  ESPN did an article on the fact that alternate uniforms are a huge draw for prospective recruits. In the article Jeremy Crabtree identified (and you know that the Hoosiers are not a monster football team fan-wise) that, “Indiana, for example, assembled its team for a uniform unveiling that has more than 300,000 views on YouTube. One Big Ten assistant said it was produced “purely as a recruiting tool.”  If you won’t trust ESPN or even our own staff here are some recent words from the Oklahoma Sooners Coach  Bob Stoops“I think recruits are always excited about uniforms, helmets and any of the looks that you might put on the field”, and another article states the unveiling was a targeted announcement for “players not yet on the Oklahoma campus,” in other words for those being recruited. Still need convincing here are our Wolverine players reaction.

So, once again Team 135 and Michigan staff, Sorry, this is one time I should have kept the “Stay Off My Lawn” to myself!

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Go Blue — Wear Maize!



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