Oct 12, 2013; University Park, PA, USA; Michigan Wolverines wide receiver Jehu Chesson (86) during the third quarter against the Penn State Nittany Lions at Beaver Stadium. Penn State defeated Michigan 43-40 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Matthew O

Michigan Football: Tidbits from MaizeMan -- Already Watched The Tape

Posted at 12:00pm — 11/10/2013

Michigan Football: Tidbits from MaizeMan — Already Watched The Tape

1) Again the biggest problem with Gardner is he simply holds on to the ball too long and when he starts running he never looks up field. It is now so bad that our WR’s and TE’s are making little to no attempt to come back to the ball or get open when Gardner starts running.

Nov 9, 2013; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Michigan Wolverines quarterback Devin Gardner (98) runs the ball in the second half against the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Michigan Stadium. Nebraska won 17-13. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

This problem to me could be solved by coaching and yet it continues to happen. Teams are now playing us straight man, they keep at least one LB honest as a spy and they keep the weak-side LB honest so Gardner does not bootleg.

2) The play in which Schofield either missed or just believed the scheme would allow our RB to pick up the blitzing LB was an example of how our OL just seems very defensive when blocking against a blitzing LB. However, when you watch the tape all Gardner has to do is allow the RB to take the blitzer in one direction and step up and deliver the ball, but that is not what he does, instead with any sense of pressure he immediately lowers his head and the play at that point is basically over.

At this point, I just cannot see how Gardner gains any confidence for the next 3 games, he is basically a liability mentally.

3) I counted 7 different times our defenders were in great position to make big plays, but dove at the ball carrier and thus missed the tackle. This seems to be a theme for our defense when you dive the effort looks great, but the execution stinks. They need to wrap up, stop the diving.

4) Chesson was thrown to one time and really had a great effort. Throw him the ball please.

5) I thought Henry had a pretty good game.

6) A new rant. Please stop with the stuff about what it is to be a UM team. Enough already. Tired of the talk, tired of the expectations, just tired. I have to admit, to me this is year 7 of torture watching UM football and I can count on my hands the number of games I have watched that i felt that UM played “up to expectations”. Now maybe my expectations are misguided,but I am not the one who continues to explain what it means to be a UM football team. Let’s just play football and any player at UM who wants to pout, not be dedicated, get out.

I do not want to hear the words “we have to establish a running game”, stop it. Establish a running game, I don’t care how, I don’t care who is hired, just do it, and quit, for 3 years now saying UM runs the football. Because we don’t run the football, we suck at running the football and we have had 3 years to develop a running game. It is worse now than the first game when this staff took over.

Nov 7, 2013; Stanford, CA, USA; Stanford Cardinal quarterback Kevin Hogan (8) hands off the ball to running back Tyler Gaffney (25) against the Oregon Ducks during the first quarter at Stanford Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

I guess I would not be so upset if I had not watched the Stanford game the other night. Here is Stanford with multiple 3rd and 2’s and they basically told Oregon what play they were going to run and Oregon could not stop them.

That is a running game.

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