Michigan Football: the tweet, The Tweet, THE TWEET! -- 8/28/2013

Posted at 8:00 pm — 8/28/2013

Michigan Football: the tweet, The Tweet, THE TWEET! — 8/28/2013

GBMWolverine Readers: Here is an overview of University of Michigan happenings in the Twitterverse.

They lined up as far as the eye could see, every little buckeye in search of a ‘C’.  It appears that Coach Urban Meyer has decided everyone in Columbus yesterday would be named a Team Captain. In a glorious Oprah Winfrey audience participation moment the head man at Ohio was naming everyone a buckeye team leader, he even endowed the title upon the WHAC janitorial staff.  Long-time urinal cake changer, and 2007 alumni Jimmy McTressel exclaimed “I knew my OSU degree in custodial arts would pay off one day!” Okay, I am kidding but they did select eight players to the position of Team Captain.  Eight, Really? I guess when you are afraid of having another Aaron Hernandez, and on a team like Ohio where that is a real possibility, it makes sense to have as many senior babysitters as possible. Especially if you are worried about your name being spattered in magazine for your lack of true character.

Speaking of our nemesis to the south.  I bet they are out gnashing their teeth, cutting down buckeye trees, and purposely being late on their pizza routes with the news that came out from the NCAA today.  Mr. Heisman Johnny Football, who essentially was guilty of essentially the same types of activities the brothers of Tattoo-Gate were, well let’s just say the punishment was just about the same – he lost half a game, in the opener against Rice, as he according to the NCAA (let me say this with a straight face) “Did not take the money!”


Legends can be now and forever. Sweet songs of youth, the wise, the meeting of all wisdom. To believe in the good in a Michigan Man. Okay, so I took a little lyrical liberty with the song “Loved by the Sun” from the band Yes.  But it is that time where we celebrate Michigan legends by the donning of their number on the gridiron once again.  Devin Funchess will wear Ron Kramer‘s No. 87, and during the Notre Dame night game the famed No. 98 jersey of Michigan’s first Heisman Trophy winner, Tom Harmon will be bequeathed upon yet another deserving roster player. Courtney Avery will wear No. 11 in honor of Francis, Albert and Alvin Wistert, a number formerly worn by Jordan Kovacs. Jeremy Gallon will suit up in the No. 21 in honor of Desmond Howard, and worn last year by Roy Roundtree. Jake Ryan will remain in the No. 47 jersey of Bennie Oosterbaan, and Desmond Morgan the No. 48 in honor of Gerald Ford.


Speaking of being a Michigan Man, and having the hunger to take to the grid iron in the winged helmet.  Devin is ready to be Michigan’s Man.  In an interview with ESPN’s Chantel Jennings, Gardner discusses his progression from last year, and the actions he has taken to be prepared for the upcoming season, and the first game against Central Michigan.

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