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Michigan Football: Notre Dame -- Dead Chicken Walking -- Ode To Flushing A Rivalry

Posted at 7:00am — 5/24/2013

Michigan Football: Notre Dame — Dead Chicken Walking — Ode To Flushing A Rivalry

Some, but not that much has been made of Coach Hoke’s recent assessment that Notre Dame is bagging out of the long-standing historical rivalry with Michigan going the chicken route. Chicken is an age-old term used on playgrounds, parking lots, the backside of bars (taverns) to incite or denigrate, to bluff or to get something started. Bullies use the term, folks who are paired up with Al K. Hol use the term, and now Michigan Coach Brady Hoke briefly throws out the old-school term in describing Notre Dame’s planned acceleration of ending the series.

Apr 13, 2013; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Michigan Wolverines head coach Brady Hoke during the Spring Game at Michigan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

This all goes back a few years when Notre Dame squeezed Bill Martin into signing a long-term contract. This gave the Irish what was desired at that particular moment in time; subject to change of course when Notre Dame’s situation may need tweaking. Martin should have been very aware the long-term outcome at trusting this bunch is problematical at best.

The worst component of this two-penny opera is when Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick handed his counterpart David Brandon, the now infamous get out of town letter.

So, is anyone at Michigan upset that Hoke took a shot? Apparently not, as the apology has not been mailed. Did Hoke tell Brandon about the comment beforehand? Probably not, both have more important items on the plate. Does the author wish that Hoke had remained silent? Yes, being old-school the strategy of closing up and taking it to the field is desirable. Does the author care, no not at all. Is the team concerned this will give the Southern Benders bulletin board fodder? No way, bulletin boards can’t tackle.

So, Hoke first fired a small shot over the bow. And here is what should happen. First, it will take money to buy out of the 2014 game, assuming there is not a clause that essentially makes this option impossible. The answer to the buy out is the chicken. Michigan administration take note! Sell chicken shirts, ten thousands of chicken shirts. Sell classic rubber chickens, and have them in the stadium by the thousands. Sell them inside the stadium, so no long chicken security check lines occur. Sell chicken, make money, pay the pompous ones off and seal the door on the rivalry.

Chicken started the problem and chicken can solver the problem, simple as that. Dead chicken walking, coming soon. As Notre Dame responded, it is a business decision. Chicken is big business, ask Arkansas.

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