Michigan Football Recruiting: Taco Charlton and Coach Sharrett Exclusive Interview with GBMWolverine -- Part II

Posted at 4:00pm — 9/4/2012

Michigan Football Recruiting: Taco Charlton and Coach Sharrett Exclusive Interview with GBMWolverine — Part II

The next topic discussed was the 21st Century social media craze/trend. Coach and Taco were both asked to expound on its role, appropriate use, and perceived advantages and associated problems.

Coach Sharrett, a clear and concise communicator, puts forth the common-sense view that social media is just like everything else: it can be good or bad, it can be overused, and there are guidelines that are simple and clear. Social media can be used for enjoyment and has its proper time. When it starts to be overused, then problems can emerge. For example, the locker room and pregame texting times should be limited to close family members and for a real purpose; there should be no silly use tolerated.

In a separate setting, Taco seemed to also accept the double-edged sword theory that social media can be good or bad, create negatives or positives, and that a player must understand when the time to back off has been reached.

Part two of the interview/discussion centered on material prepared for Taco to respond to as a Michigan recruit.

The first particular was Taco Charlton’s perception of Coach Mattison. As one would expect, Taco’s responses were very positive and it is clear Coach Mattison made an impression (as he has regarding so many recruits). Taco spoke glowingly of Mattison as a person and as a coach.

Regarding Mattison as the person. Taco made the following annotations: (1) that Coach Mattison is a great person and that he was so impressed with the importance of family in Coach Mattison’s life; (2) he loved being around Mrs. Mattison and that his parents were so impressed with the Mattison family, and (3) as a result Taco’s parents feel strongly that Coach Mattison will take care of Taco the way parents wish for coaches to serve student-athletes.

Secondly, Taco spoke of Mattison as a coach. He is very aware of Coach Mattison’s success and past history. Taco is aware of the great players Mattison has coached in college and in the NFL, and that Coach Mattison knows what it takes to get to a high level of competition.

Taco stated that Coach Mattison sees his initial contributions as a weak side speed rusher and that his role will be to develop pass rush skills. Taco understands the importance of a quick first step and knows he certainly has high potential to demonstrate ability for this much sought after defensive skill. In today’s football, every coach loves the premiere edge rusher.

Next, Taco was asked to respond to the perception and impression of the Michigan class of 2013 as being tight-knit and together. The author asked if this was reality or myth? Taco immediately and with conviction answered “fact, reality.” He discussed how the recruits already help each other out, even with scouting reports on opponents. “We text, we stay in touch, and we help each other out.”

The follow up was to whom has Taco become friends and feels close. He mentioned the Ohio recruits, especially Jake Butt and Michael McCray of Trotwood. As one would expect, the name of recruiting leader Shane Morris was put forward as well as Henry Poggi.

The author thought it would be fun to have Taco discuss fellow Wolverine recruit, Jake Butt of Pickerington North. A wry smile came to Taco’s mouth when the question “What about Jake Butt” was posed. “We have had a long rivalry. We have known each other several years.” This apparently goes back to Taco and Jake being the biggest guys on their teams and playing the same positions. This rivalry extends past football to basketball. They competed hard and when both hit the high school level the fans added fire to the Taco-Jake rivalry.

Taco, again being perceptive and introspective, finds it somewhat ironic that now the two of them will attend the same university and be teammates. He then added, “The rivalry is over, we are on the same team.” The rivalry may be over, but make no mistake that if they face each other this year, or in practice at Michigan, there will be competition and of the good type.

The discussion shifted to academics. Taco Charlton is a very good student with a strong grade point average, and high expectations for his classroom performance. The question was posed as to where this thirst for academic success came from and Taco responded: “From my mother, my mother always said school comes first.” He is proud that his hard work on the field and in the classroom has yielded the family a scholarship that will remove the burden modern families face paying for a college education.

Taco was asked about any particular academic or career interests he may have as he heads to college. He likes the idea of business and particularly enjoys math and number relationships. Taco also mentioned personal speech and how that may apply to success in law.

Taco was asked to comment on the concept of team. His answer was sincere: “The biggest thing is team first, team goals are more important.” He did not dismiss individual goals and stated that meeting individual goals can certainly help the team to meet its goals. Taco knows the expression that brings chills to all Michigan faithful: “The team, the team, the team.”

Taco is preparing for his future on the field at the next level. He stated his weight is currently 255 pounds, the bench press is up to over 360 pounds, and he can run in the 4.7 range.

The session ended by asking Taco his favorite motivational saying. This was the response: “Play like it’s your last time ever, everyday- give it your all. Simply put, Taco wants to be the best player on the field.

The author wishes to thank Coach Sharrett and Taco Charlton for the interview time. Coach Sharrett has achieved a high level of success at Pickerington Central, a program that has produced many recent Division One players. Taco Charlton will be another in a long line of students who will achieve the dream of playing at the nest level.

Taco Charlton was described by Coach Sharrett as a high quality student/athlete; the view here is total agreement. Taco is in a position millions of others dream about. He has the frame and physical tools to excel at football. He is an athlete and has traits that only a limited number of players have. He will be the type of player, with his skills and size combo that Coach Mattison can mentor into a high-level college talent.

The author found Taco a delight to be around, a perceptive, thoughtful, well-spoken student athlete. His future is bright and GBMWolverine wishes Taco the best in his senior year and beyond. He embodies the Class of 2013 commits: good students, good football players, and good citizens.

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