Michigan Football: Jim Harbaugh ‘Still an option’ for Broncos

NFL insider Ian Rapoport said on the Pat McAfee show that Michigan football head coach Jim Harbaugh is still an option for the Broncos. 

 If you’re getting sick of the Jim Harbaugh to the NFL talk, you aren’t alone — every Michigan football fan is right there with you.

Even though Harbaugh announced a couple of weeks ago that he was coming back or at least Santa Ono said that Harbaugh called him and told him he would be back, this thing with the Denver Broncos won’t die.

We all know by now that Adam Schefter reported that Harbaugh met with the Broncos last week. The meeting was last Monday to be specific. Obviously, nothing has happened since then and Schefter said on Monday that Harbaugh was out. 

Well, not so fast according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

Rapoport also joined McAfee, this time on Tuesday, and when he was asked about the Denver Broncos coaching search, he said that Sean Payton and Jim Harbaugh were “still options.”

Thoughts on the latest Jim Harbaugh rumors

I wouldn’t worry too much about what Rapoport said, although Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk also said to keep one open on Harbaugh to the Broncos — meaning it’s not dead yet.

Honestly, I have no idea. Rapoport didn’t make it sound like he expected Harbaugh to land with the Broncos but he said until Jim signed his extension with Michigan football, he wasn’t going to believe that he was out of the running.

That’s fair. It’s another reason that Ono, Warde Manuel, and Michigan need to get a deal done with Harbaugh. There has been talk of them waiting until after the NCAA allegations but I don’t see why that matters.

Get a deal done and end this madness. A long-term contract may not end the NFL talk forever, but it would at least end these rumors and that’d be a good thing heading into what could be one of the most promising Michigan football seasons ever.