Michigan basketball needs fresh legs and shooting touch

Saturday’s win against Air Force provided the Michigan Basketball team what it needed. A break. The team had looked somewhat worn down. Now not due back on campus until December 30, they can focus on recharging.

Michigan basketball is in need of fresh legs and rediscovering its shooting touch. John Beilein’s crew has been going at it on the hardwood since August when they played overseas.

The 12-0 Michigan basketball team seems to have hit a dull period. At 12-0 it is hard to say the Wolverines game has slipped. Perhaps it is the level of competition or they have simply plateaued and are counting on the holiday break to break the funk.

The Wolverines are not shooting the ball like they were five to six games ago. Sometimes that can be directly tied to heavy legs. That is something the break can help with. Players can spend time off their feet and that can spur better shooting.

There are a couple of things Beilein’s bunch needs to clean up. They have been inconsistent in half court play they also need to tighten up the defense as well. Again fresh legs will help. While it is not a cure-all, fresh legs will greatly help.

The drop in play is not unexpected. Teams have peaks and valleys during the course of the season. It is not like the basketball team was going to dominate every team, every game like it did North Carolina.

The break comes at a very good time as Big Ten play is starting soon. Conference titles are not won in the non-conference portion of the schedule. Fresh legs are a must for championships. The season is a grind. This is where good leadership comes into play.

Beilein watched his team fight through early turnovers and turn a close game into a blowout against Air Force. That has to be a comfort of sorts. His struggling bunch fought through and found a knockout punch.

That is good news for both the coach and the team. Good teams find a way to win when things are not going as planned. The recent struggles will fortify the Wolverines and they will grow from it, after doing a very good job of navigating through a rough patch.

The holiday break, coupled with fresh legs, will help give the Wolverines the push they need as they head into conference play.