Michigan Wolverines: Appalachian State at Michigan -- Predictions

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GBMWolverine Predictions -- 2Posted at 8:00am — 8/30/2014

Michigan Wolverines: Appalachian State at Michigan — Predictions

Alex Dale:

Hopefully Jabrill Peppers gets the opportunity to make some big plays and the offensive line gives Devin Gardner enough time to air it out to his big targets. This game should be better than the 2007 version…likely a lot better.

Appalachian State 17
Michigan 38

app state 1CoachBT:

Didn’t get prediction sent in time of article.


Take a look at the final preview of the Appalachian State article to get my take.

Appalachian State 17
Michigan 41


Well everybody especially Michigan fans remember the last time Michigan played Appalachian State? Do fans still fear this might happen again? Probably a little bit especially after the season we had last year, but I believe this group, team, and coaches are moving in the right direction and those two teams that played seven years ago are quite different than they are today.

Will weather be a factor? They are calling for a pretty warm day/humid something that Michigan hasn’t had a lot of this summer so will that play into it as well? Also the possibility of heavy rain is expected before and during the game. Along with suppose to be very windy as well with gust over 30 mph.

As many know who have attended games inside Michigan Stadium it can feel a lot warmer especially closer to the field you get so not only the fans, but the players on the field could feel the effect of the warm temperatures.

Substitutions should be plentiful today and something that should help Michigan out with the best depth/talent that Michigan has had on the complete roster in quite along time.

Will Michigan’s new defensive scheme be tested and can they fix mistakes? Last year the defense had a problem getting off the field along with giving up big plays over 20 yards. That has to stop today.

Doug Nussmeier 1Will the Michigan’s offense simpler scheme be effective? Can Devin Gardner read the defense now after his third offensive coordinator/quarterback coach? Can the offensive line create holes for the running backs to find and get through.

How will our special teams do today in the weather along with the winds? Having a new field goal kicker along with a punter that hasn’t been on the field in over a year how will he do and will the nerves get to them playing in front of 100,000 plus people today?

If the weather holds off until after the game I think Michigan scores more points, but will the expectations of a windy and rainy during the game I think the game will be a little closer, but not much.

This is a exciting time for Michigan football so enjoy it not only today, but the entire season we are only guaranteed 12 of these in the fall so make the most of them.

Appalachian State 10
Michigan 35


Didn’t get prediction in time of article.

Mike Fitzpatrick (The Michigan Man Podcast):

Seven years ago Appalachian State came into the Big House and shocked all of us. It was a classic example of not taking your opponent seriously. At least we know The Mountaineers now have everyone’s attention. I think Michigan will be ready to play Saturday. That said, I still don’t know what to expect from this team. The young offensive line needs to move people off the line of scrimmage and create space in the running game. Devin Gardner just needs to make his reads and take what the defense gives him, and the running backs need to run to daylight, and if there is none, square the shoulders and drive the pile. This offense needs to make some good and positive things happen against this defense to boost their confidence for next week.

9/7/13 Aerial photos of Michigan vs. Notre DameEveryone seems to think our defense is all that and more. I think they’ll be very good, and will need to carry the offense early in the year. App State brings great speed to the table, so they’ll test us on the boundaries, and go right after the corners with their very fast receivers. It will indeed be interesting.

App State radio voice David Jackson told me this team is nowhere near as good as the one we saw seven years ago. That might be true, but they will come to play and do have some talent.

Openers are never easy to call, especially in this era of the 85 scholarship limit and the parity that has created. If Michigan is going to be Michigan again, it needs to start tomorrow. We must pummel this team and prove we are nasty, talented, and ready to earn our way back to elite status. Do I know if this will happen tomorrow? No I don’t. The legendary Bob Ufer would say it this way. On paper today Michigan is favored by 34 points against Appalachian State. The only problem with that is we won’t be playing the game on paper. It will be a W tomorrow, but by how much I have no idea. Enjoy the opener and bring your rain gear!

Appalachian State 13
Michigan 34


This despite many a fan’s chagrin will be a trench battle with only one side truly winning-UM. Is the offensive line ready for prime time no? But spare a few large players the mountaineers are small, and midgets at the second string level. Michigan will wear them out on both sides, and with the new D philosophy do so quickly.

Appalachian State 14
Michigan 49


Appalachian State 13
Michigan 38


It probably is a fair statement that many Michigan fans are cautiously optimistic about the 2014 team. I like the disrespect that many of the sports publications and media in general offer. Michigan has done nothing in the past seven seasons to change the perception that the program is simply average now. Will it change this season?

I have not seen a rosy outlook for this season from anyone outside of the Michigan family or beat reporters in the local rags. 10-2 or 9-3 is definitely a step up from last season- but probably assumes losses to our three chief football rivals. To me, that is no different than a tepid season capped by a blow out loss in a minor bowl game. It has to be better to gain back any respect.

Oct 13, 2012; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; A general view of a Michigan Wolverine megaphone before their game against the Illinois Fighting Illini at Michigan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Oct 13, 2012; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; A general view of a Michigan Wolverine megaphone before their game against the Illinois Fighting Illini at Michigan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

So, I am going to wait and see what unfolds without any visions of grand success. Too many things have to be corrected, including an offense that turns the ball over too much with a non-existent running game. A defense that has depth problems on the back end and is too soft on the corners. Has that changed? Don’t expect the monumental turn of events that we saw from a disastrous 1996 to the 1997 pinnacle of this writer’s Michigan football experience.

The opener with Appalachian State is a lose-lose for the Wolverines. Oh sure, I think that this is not nearly the trap that it was in 2007 and that the Wolverines will slip and slide in rain to a fairly nervous 27-10 win. Nothing will be really discovered. The true exposure will be in next weekend’s clash in South Bend. if the game is a close win, the doubters will come out. If it is a blow out win, the doubters will obviously take the tact that this is what suppose to happen when you look at the difference in depth and talent.

Either way, the season is here and the faster Michigan takes care of business on Saturday, the better it will be moving into what is sure to be an emotional game against the Irish. To me, that is when the season really starts.

Appalachian State 10
Michigan 27

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