Michigan Football: Wolverine Spring Notes -- Part II

Posted at 12:00pm — 4/11/2014

Michigan Football: Spring Notes — Part II

Coach Nuss also talked about making the quarterback’s in spring “throw passes they are uncomfortable throwing”. He talked about when you coach quarterback’s the first thing you must understand is his strengths and limitations and the only way you really understand is to make the quarterback throw passes they are not proficient. So, some of the passes that we witnessed in spring game and in other scrimmages were purposely put in the playbook to see how each quarterback would react.

When it comes to Gardner, it is my evaluation that Gardner had a much better spring than the other quarterback’s.

Granted he did not perform well in spring game, but overall his progress was noticeable. If you go back and look at the spring game and the passes Gardner threw notice how many times the defense blitzed almost 80% of the time. In the past, Gardner would have tucked the ball and ran as soon as he saw the blitz, but he was told to stay in the pocket and get rid of the ball. Again, making him practice what he is not comfortable.

Here is what I liked about Coach Nuss his approach to practice. Spring practices were much faster paced, much more instruction from all coaches, and much more competitive. As far as the offensive line they were being drilled repeatedly.

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