Oct 06, 2012; West Lafayette, IN, USA; Michigan Wolverines running back Dennis Norfleet (26) rushes the ball against the Purdue Boilermakers during the second half at Ross Ade Stadium. Michigan defeats Purdue 44-13. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan Football: Tidbits From Bowl Practice Report -- Stuff -- From MaizeMan

Posted at 6:00am — 12/16/2012

Michigan Football: Tidbits From Bowl Practice Report — Stuff — From MaizeMan

Some observations of bowl practices:

1) Overall bowl practices to date are very much like how they conduct spring practices. They practiced last weekend and then had the week off—(except for weight room type of stuff). They are practicing this weekend.

Last week(before Chat) Norfleet was practicing on defense and that J-Rob would not be returning to Michigan. J-Robinson was basically in the dog-house for the latter part of the season and many did not think he would show enough willingness to get back in good graces with coaches and Coach Hoke.

As we have reported since J-Rob’s coming to Michigan he has really struggled showing any consistency in practice not based on ability to play, but based on his competitiveness and desire to improve. Despite the fact there were great opportunities to play a major role based on our lack of depth J-Rob just never showed he really wanted to play.

In addition, he has been the “watch list” in terms of grades.

2) Norfleet to defense you can read into to this numerous ways.

As I have been trying to stress to posters although we have bodies at the corner-back position, depth right now is a big issue with only 2 corner-back’s having proven their ability to play at this level and others who are young, but unproven. One of the big question marks on next years team is:

Who is the the #3 corner-back?

Assuming of course Countess is back to 100%. Early returns gives the edge to Avery, but T-Rich is probably going to win that spot by next spring. However, T-Rich struggles late in the season (hitting the freshman wall so to speak), but speed and quickness are his best assets and early in the season showed a surprising ability to play physical.

5) Just wanted to mention that just because Norfleet is practicing on defense does not mean he stays on defense. This is what bowl practices and spring practices are all about—finding a best position for all players.

More report later:

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