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Michigan Football: Tidbits from MaizeMan -- Today starts Coach Hoke Post Transition Era

Posted at 4:00pm — 11/26/2012

Michigan Football: Tidbits from MaizeMan — Today starts Coach Hoke Post Transition Era

1) Like mentioned in title, today marks the start of the Hoke era, post transition. Although we have a bowl game to play, coaches will spend the next month recruiting, preparing for bowl game (I hope it is NOT Texas A&M) and preparing for next year.

3) Remember when I keep saying that schedule is so important. Michigan ended up losing games either on a neutral site, or on the road. The inability to win on the road against a quality team tells me Michigan is not back yet.

4) Third years in a tenure seems to be the most critical year in terms of judging development of the program. Historically, you can get a pretty good idea of how that program is going to perform based on the third year and the progress from year one through year three.

So far I would say recruiting has improved.

Let me make this point, Coach Hoke has gone out of his way to make sure everyone around the program understands or appreciates the history of Michigan football. He has also been a stickler when it comes to “doing things the right way” or “doing things the Michigan way”.

This has been Coach Hoke’s strength, it has been a obsession with him. And we all, comparing to what went on in past regime, appreciate this approach.

However, next year it is time for those changes in the culture to show itself on the field. Now, one could argue that (at least this year) Michigan beat every team it was suppose to beat (Michigna State game maybe being a question) and lost to every team it was suppose to lose. This by Michigan measures, is a mediocre season, (not by my definition), but by Coach Hoke’s.

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