GBMWolverine: Mailbag Question -- Michigan Football -- Practice Schedule, Starters and More

Posted at 6:00am — 8/26/2011

GBMWolverine: Mailbag Question — Michigan Football — Practice Schedule, Starters and More

Hey guys almost time.

My question is what happens this last week of practice before games start?

What I mean is do the coaches back off on the “physical” practices? Do they stop having 2-a-days? Do they stop hitting or having full pads on?

Are the starters announced for the first game so the players know where they might be, who they are likely playing against and when do they start preparing for Western Michigan.

I realize on a normal game week schedule how things work and all, but wasn’t sure if the coaches change it up for the first game or do they try and prepare the kids like it is week 10 by doing the same thing every week.

Craig (Got2bBlu)


GBMWolverine Response:

First off, we want to thank all the posters that have sent in e-mails lately. We haven’t forgotten your questions, but we have had a lot of coach’s corner articles that needed to be put up before the season and want to let all our followers know that we will get to them all and thanks for all the support.

To the question now.

All coaches prep for games a bit differently.

Most however do some similar things.

Doubles sessions practices are eliminated, contact is either eliminated or at least scaled way back because you don’t want your players to be worn out from all the practice time leading up to the season. In most cases the starters are announced, but in some cases can be right up to the last few practices before the first game.

You start to give your starters and top reserves majority of the reps so they can work together and get a feel of working with the players they will see on the field the majority of the time.

Most teams will stay in full pads until pre-game tune up. Actual starters are not named until game week, with depth charts updated daily and very fluid. Of course, some battles might go on right up till game-day.

In a lot of cases players will rotate early in the first couple of games to give players a chance and see what they can do on a game-day Saturday. Some players are considered great practice players while others are okay practices players, but great game-day players.

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