GBMWolverine: Mailbag Question -- Michigan Football -- Coach Wellman and the S&C Program

Posted at 6:00am — 8/8/2011

GBMWolverine: Mailbag Question — Michigan Football — Coach Wellman and the S&C Program


Still love the site and the Monday night chat sessions, even though I haven’t been able to make the last few.

One of the areas that I haven’t heard much about is the new S&C program. Do you have any insights into how it is different, what changes we can expect to see in the players and what the players think about the new program and the staff?


Bob E.


GBMWolverine Response:

Coach Aaron Wellman is a disciple of Michigan State’s Ken Mannie.

The new Michigan S&C program will use more machines and less Olympic Lifts.

Where Coach Barwis was on record that 20% of workouts would place as a primary goal getting bigger and stronger, the main emphasis of Coach Wellman will be getting bigger and stronger.

Coach Wellman, like Coach Barwis, puts extra effort into teaching effort, accountability, and discipline.

It was reported to us that while doing a simple run to the line drill Coach Wellman made some players repeat the drill six times until he was satisfied with the effort.

Wellman is big on intensity, making sure players pay the price. One example is an activity he calls plate pushes. At the end of a session players push 45-pound plates 100 yards. They will actually race to up the intensity level and competitiveness. Players talk about nearly passing out and puking.

We believe the S&C program fits what Coach Hoke and his staff want Michigan to represent.

We have no problems with Coach Barwis and what he believes as well. Both coaches are top notch and incorporate the philosophy of the program into practice. Both guys are great guys and great S&C coaches.

Coach Barwis was put into a box and was directed to fit the players around the type of offense, defense, tempo that was needed for the previous coaching staff.

Now, Coach Wellman is being informed (as in the past with Coach Hoke) what is needed for players to fit into the new schemes of offense, defense, and tempo that the new coaching staff wants at Michigan.

S&C coaches adjust their programs to tweak the goals and intended outcomes the coaching staff desires.

The head coach needs to rely on the S&C coach and trust him, because the S&C coach, along with his staff, spends more time with the players than the head coach or the rest of the coaching staff as a result of the NCAA rules in place. So trust and belief in the total S and C program is an important aspect of the overall football operation.

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